ClockSmith       Available on the App Store Available April 3, 2010 in the App Store

ClockSmith is a little workshop on your iPhone or iPad to let you arrange your own desktop or nightstand clock. Several time pieces are provided and you can choose which ones you want and position them and size them however you like on your screen. Sizes and positions for both landscape and portrait orientations are saved separately giving you two different layouts.

Time pieces provided in this version include various digital clock readouts, battery status, date/day display, phase of the moon and a mindfulness bell that rings on the hour. Turning your phone upside down actives flashlight mode.

Some of the time pieces have settings that can be changed. Quiet hours setting prevents the bell from ringing when you are sleeping.

Supports portrait and landscape modes. ClockSmith runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. No network connection needed. Clock screen stays on while plugged into power.

Software by Gary A. Morris (author of Next Sprinter)
App Icon artwork by Angel Valdez Espinoza
Mindfulness Bell audio courtesy of David Steigerwald
Various icons from Glyphish

workshop screen

On the iPad too!!
iPad screen

iPad screen

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